Music is a sacred art.

Music is a sacred art.
Using your gifts and talents wisely…
Uniquely connecting with things in patterns that others may not.
Creating sounds, lyrics, and rhythms in a way that makes YOU happy.
Though the sounds created may be “simple”, to others, it translates with its own definition and medium to connect with your being : your universe.

Lyrics or sounds don’t always have to be “deep” or long and drawn out.
It’s just a sort of feeling that sometimes cannot be explained.
Vibrations - which are the determining factors if you “feel” a song or not.

What I put out there may be for the sheer enjoyment of the creative process, combined with the yearning to hear the complete, finished output of what was created.
It’s all one in the same : A sort of bridge of connections.
With me… and everything around me.
A reflection.
Music is a sacred art for those who develop their own true understanding.

There are so many things that I don’t understand.
But I do know it stems from just “feeling”.
Letting it all flow.
Creating, and be happy. (Sometimes I forget that)

Appreciate any connection you may have to it whether it’s small or something deeper.
Not everyone has that bridge.

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